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Electric Arc Furnace

Electric Arc Furnace is an alternative in iron and steel production. By contrast with the basic oxygen method, the electric arc furnace does not utilize hot metals. It is filled with "cold" metal (and this is scrap steel naturally). The scrap steel is evacuated into the electric arc furnace from the top by using a crane and the furnace door is closed subsequently. This door bears three electrodes lifted down to the arc furnace. The electricity passing through the electrodes forms an arc and the heat come out melts the scrap. The electricity used in this task is as large as to meet the requirement of a city with a population of 100.000. Some other metal alloys are supplemented into the melting process in order to provide the necessary chemical composition. 

Furthermore, oxygen is blown for achieving the purification of the steel. Subsequent to taking samples for controlling the chemical composition, the arc furnace is tipped and the scoria floating over the steel is poured. After a bit, the arc furnace is tipped to the other side and the melted steel is transferred into a pot. 

A second tasks starts from this point or the melted steel is transferred to a "caster". A modern arc furnace can process 150 tons of scrap per each melting. This task takes 90 minutes roughly. Steel production by arc furnace is economic at the same time. Each tons of steel produced consumes 7.4 GJ of energy, where this level of consumption is pretty lower than the one of other production method, which is 16.2 GJ (as we mentioned just now, 7.4 GJ is equal to the consumption of a city with a population of 100.000). As Sermak Metal, we manufacture electric arc furnaces and the related equipments meticulously. Our product range contains arc furnaces with 120 and 150 tons capacity. In addition to manufacturing brand new arc furnaces, we can also increase the capacities of existing ones by performing the necessary modifications.

Elektrik Ark Ocağı Elektrik Ark Ocağı Elektrik Ark Ocağı Elektrik Ark Ocağı
Elektrik Ark Ocağı Elektrik Ark Ocağı


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